Stop the GR Bullies on Culpability

Sadly, nobody was surprised when Stop the GR Bullies rushed to the defense of Victoria Foyt, self-published author of “anti-racist”/actually racist book Revealing Eden, creator of dodgy book trailers featuring girls in blackface, and the worst back-peddler of the year. They claimed, repeatedly, that Foyt was being bullied because she was called the horrible label racist (apparently, this is worse than being labelled “Coal” or having your literacy doubted because of the colour of your skin). This was outrageous to STGRB, because clearly, Foyt is not racist. Forget the fact that she’s written a book set in a “scary dystopia” which is scary purely because white people are dying out and black people are the dominant race. Forget the way she labels white people Pearls, a beautiful, precious object – while black people are described as Coals, dirty and ugly. Forget her horror at being called a racial slur one time due to her frizzy hair and “bee-stung” lips – her horror because she was a white girl, dammit, and such terms were “usually targeted at blacks.” Forget the many things Foyt has written – in her book and on the internet – to indicate that she is, in fact, racist – and just remember the one thing that obviously negates all that evidence: that she says she’s not racist! Obviously that’s the truth and everything else is just those nasty GR bullies twisting her words.

Yeah, it’s so ridiculous, it would be funny except it’s exactly the way the person people behind STGRB think. Site owner Athena states in the comments that somebody’s intentions are what defines their actions. So, apparently, if you call someone a racist, and they say they are not racist, then that means they’re not racist. Even if their actions could be perceived as racist, if their intentions were good (i.e. not racist), then that means they aren’t racist. Oh, and calling them racist means YOU are a bully.

OK. Let’s take that concept and apply it to a different situation, shall we? All we have to do is play a little word game:

If you call someone a bully, and they say they are not a bully, then that means they’re not a bully. Even if their actions could be perceived as bullying, if their intentions were good (i.e. not bullying), then that means they aren’t a bully. Oh, and calling them a bully means YOU are a bully.

So, STGRB, using your own logic, what does that make you?