Stop the GR Bullies on Conspiracies… and Jesus

Hello my little owls! Have you missed me? I’m sorry for not posting in awhile, but I haven’t abandoned you. I just reached my tolerance limit for stupidity and hypocrisy and couldn’t visit STGRB for awhile without breaking out in hives. Because boy, have they been stupid lately. My favourites:

  • They made a whole post consisting solely of comments from their visitors. Apparently that’s a “dedication” to them. Hey STGRB, you know everyone can see the comments on the actual posts, right? You don’t need to repost them. Way to make it look like you actually have something to say, though.

  • They attacked Lucy again, as well as Foz Meadows (I’ll post about this in more detail soon).
  • They wrote a post called “Review Writing 101” – but don’t let the name fool you into thinking they actually have some original thoughts to impart. No, they just copy-pasted the posts of two other writers – one of them being Kat Kennedy, in yet another attack on her. They took a tongue-in-cheek post and reported it as literal to make her look nasty and stupid. Too bad they’re the only ones that ended up looking that way. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

  • They dragged up some old wank about someone called Robin Sulliven being banned from Absolute Write last year. Which has no relevance to anything on Goodreads or, y’know, the present time. Well, except for the fact that Melissa Douthit set herself up as a champion for Robin, deliberately trolling Absolute Write and getting herself banned in the process (see the comments on this post). Why is this relevant? Well, who else would care about this old drama other than the obsessive self-appointed author avenger, Melissa Douthit? Oh, that’s right, her old neighbour, Athena Parker. Of course. I totally believe they are two separate people. Right. (BTW, Robin herself doesn’t appear to have been active online since the beginning of the year).
  • Here’s where things get really good: In a post entitled “The Amazon Review Mafia, Part 2”, they seize on a comment made by someone called “Deltaforce” on their previous post, stating that basically, the “bully” reviewers are employees of publishing houses, trying to eliminate the indie “competition. I actually laughed out loud when I read this. It’s just so preposterous. Of course, STGRB love a good conspiracy theory, so they spent the greater part of a week “investigating”. The results of their efforts? An old email from a “fan” claiming to have been deleted from Goodreads for flagging one review, corroborated by the vague assertion that “several independent authors” that Athena “knows” were also deleted for doing “absolutely nothing” (Aside – gosh, that woman gets around, doesn’t she? She was Douthit’s old neighbour and she just happens to know other indie authors? But she’s not one herself? Impressive!). Then there’s an email from a “site visitor” that was actually sent to Goodreads, whinging about the Badly Behaving Authors group. Apparently it’s meaningful because Goodreads hasn’t responded… maybe they’re unconscious from so much headdesking at all the stupid. There’s also screenshots of a short comment “John Green” made on an Amazon forum mocking “G. Faso” and “D. Brimson”, and a comment made by a “John” on STGRB – which both prove nothing at all. Then they link to and copy-paste from a post written by notorious BBA Jaq D. Hawkins, in which she whines about how her books are rated/shelved. Then they say that many of the “active reviewers” on Goodreads have friends in common, and most of their accounts are protected.  This is simply shocking! Or, you know, completely normal for a social networking site. FFS, they really have no idea how Goodreads works, do they? Oh, and the fact that their profiles are set to private? It couldn’t be because there’s obsessive stalkers targeting their group of friends and outing their personal information, could it? Of course not, that would be too logical for the minds of STGRB. It’s clearly evidence those bullies are hiding something. Ha! Finally, STGRB post a screenshot of an Amazon discussion in which most of the posts have been deleted by Amazon, saying the forums are “littered” with these “missing” pages. This is actually true, but it’s not because of some Big Six conspiracy – it’s because of badly behaving self-published authors who spam the Kindle forums with self-promotion, which is not allowed. It’s not rocket science, kiddos. Unfortunately, STGRB aren’t done yet – they claim that the fact that the reviews they’ve been flagging haven’t been deleted is evidence that GR supports and encourages “bullying of authors”. Or there’s another option. Call me crazy, but it could be because the flagged reviews are not actually bullying. That what STGRB claims is bullying is not. And that the speshul snowflakes who throw tantrums and troll reviews somehow violate the Goodreads TOS and get their asses banned. Just maybe.
  • STGRB followed up this poor excuse for an investigation with two more posts which are copy-pastes of other people’s work, both of which are tl;dr but which I assume are supposedly supporting their conspiracy that the Big 6 publishers are out to get poor little self-published authors. Or something. Oh, and then they start quoting Jesus.


Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part Two

Kat Kennedy is one of Stop the GR Bullies’ favourite targets. As with Part One on Kat, I’m going to stick to STGRB’s initial post on her for this analysis, otherwise we’d be here all day. But I will be posting on their subsequent attacks soon.

Of course, the post as it appears today on STGRB is not how it was originally published. Gossamer Obessessions has proof they edited out Kat’s personal info, as they did with The Holy Terror, but this time that’s not all they removed [Clarification: Kat has pointed out that STGRB never actually had her real information in the first place, so there wasn’t much to edit in this respect – they edited more heavily in regards to the below comments]. They also took out the lovely content that stated that Kat is an “unemployed housewife who stays at home, drinks, and sometimes takes care of her children, that is when she is not drinking, tweeting, or waging her holy war against authors.”

Dear STGRB: Just because you delete something, it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Remember, the internet is forever. Not that it matters all that much, because what they’ve left up is still pretty damn nasty, claiming that she personally attacks authors, and then noting that they are “eagerly awaiting” the release of Kat’s book, presumably so they can “revenge review” (something they claim to be against).

Quick, what time is it?

Party time!

Awkward. I don’t know how that got there. No, Troy, it’s not party time – it’s checklist time! Are STGRB…

1. Harassing? Not directly. But the original post, which detailed Kat’s alleged real name and location, plus the fact they’ve stalked her Twitter and posted comments out of context, certainly suggests harassment has taken place.

2. Humiliating? Their intention is obviously to humiliate her – why else would they make statements about her professional life, alcohol consumption or parenting abilities?

3. Insulting? Yes. They’re not only falsely accusing Kat of bullying, they’re also implying she’s a terrorist (note the use of the word “jihad”), on top of explicitly stating she does nothing but stay at home, drink, attack authors and barely takes care of her children. I’m insulted, and they’re not even talking about me.

4. Gossiping? Yes, they’re engaging in gossip.

5. Name calling? Not specifically.

6. Teaming up on? Yes. Stitch is their “information gatherer”, Athena wrote this post, and Johnny Be Good and some of the site’s “minions” get nasty in the comments (see below). They even state “all of us here at STGRB” – openly declaring their team work.

7. Verbally attacking? Yes – see comments for “insulting”.

8. Sending friends after? Yes – Stitch would have been “sent after” Kat to get those screengrabs, plus the way they report the “good news” about Kat publishing a book implies their followers should attack that book – a message that was received loud and clear, judging by the comments posted below.

9. Writing a bully review?  No, it’s not a review.

10. Spreading false rumours? Yes. They have NO EVIDENCE that Kat is unemployed and does nothing but stay at home, drink, “wage holy war” against authors, Tweet and neglect her children. And no, her obviously joking tweets that are taken out of context are not evidence.

11. Attempting to destroy reputations with lies? Yes! Again, everything they’ve leveled against Kat has no foundation in the truth, and they clearly want to destroy her reputation and future writing career, as evidenced by the threatening tone of their last paragraph in particular.

12. Trashing an author’s book just to get revenge? Well, not yet, but the implication that they plan on doing this in the future is definitely there.

Well, look at that, STGRB are once again guilty of the bullying behaviour they accuse others of. The comments are even worse, with “Anons” making fun of Kat’s age and appearance. You stay classy, Stop the GR Bullies.

Note: This is not directed at anyone in particular. At all. Ahem.

Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part One

I wasn’t going to post on what STGRB have done to Kat Kennedy (yes, she is the victim) yet, but seeing as they have such a massive hard on for her and keep dragging her through their shit, I moved it up the priority list. They’re so obsessed with her that I’m going to have to separate their attacks (yes, attacks) into multiple posts or it will be TL;DR. First, let’s take a look at her supposed crimes, as outlined in their initial post on her, and weigh up whether she’s guilty of being a bully (click here for a refresher on what a bully is… and isn’t): STGRB claim she’s the “biggest offender” thanks to the “Scandalous Scandals” part of her “Buzz Worthy News” posts on Cuddlebuggery, which they allege sets Kat’s “minions” on a “witch hunt”.

They name the “attack” on M.R. Mathias. Firstly, what he was commenting on was NOT a review, but a list. Even though our friends at STGRB don’t seem to be overly concerned with facts, I am, so I just wanted to clear that up. Whether or not his initial comments were harmless, I can’t say, because they’ve been deleted. But all of his comments that haven’t been deleted are most definitely hostile in tone, while at least two call people names:

But that’s not the only lie STGRB are telling about the situation. Note how Kat’s comments on the list (see below) are all made on June 5th. STGRB claims that after this, Kat posted about Mathias in a Buzz Worthy News post. But in fact the only two times (one, two) Mathias is mentioned on Cuddlebuggery are in posts created BEFORE June 5th, and have no connection to this drama. They do, however, establish what a douchebag Mathias is. But that’s besides the point right now – the point being, STGRB are liars. As for Kat, well, this is the sum total of her “attack” on Mathias:

None of these comments are using strength or influence to intimidate or harm someone who is weaker, nor are they harrassing, name-calling, gossiping, sending friends after, writing a bully review, spreading false rumours, attempting to destroy a reputation with lies, or trashing an author’s book to get revenge. They could possibly be interpreted as insulting or verbally attacking (though that implies a viciousness that isn’t present here), but even if that was the case, they are confined to one incident (note: the posts on Cuddlebuggery are not insulting – merely stating facts) and as we’ve already discussed, this does not amount to bullying. I have a feeling STGRB would also count this as “teaming up on”, but this was not an orchestrated attack on a victim – it was Mathias who repeatedly came into the reviewer’s space (i.e. her list) and used hostility against her and her friends, who merely pointed out how ridiculous he was being and told him to go away. So Kat was not bullying Mathias. Of course, that’s not all she’s accused of. Next up, we have the “attack” on Rebecca Hamilton – according to STGRB, Rebecca was attacked on the Absolute Write Water Cooler, Kat wrote about it in Buzz Worthy News, Rebecca “tried to explain her position”, and Kat and her “minions” responded with an attack.

Now, at the time all this went down, Hamilton had 40,000 followers on Twitter, a number that has since increased to 67,000. Kat Kennedy, on the other hand, currently has just over 500 Twitter followers, while Cuddlebuggery has close to 1200. Based on those statistics, who in this situation has more strength and influence? Certainly not Kat, meaning she can’t actually use either to harm or intimidate Hamilton. Meaning she is NOT A BULLY. As for the 12 page long comment thread they mention, if you actually go and read it, you’ll see that Kat and her “minions” did not, in fact, attack with “insults and jabs” or twist Hamilton’s words around. Indeed, Kat responded with calm logic, which admittedly is such a foreign concept to the peeps at STGRB, I can understand why it might confuse them.

So to sum up: Based on the evidence provided by STGRB in their first post on Kat Kennedy, she is not the bully they claim her to be.

Come back tomorrow for proof that STGRB are guilty of bullying Kat.