Who I Am

I am the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Truth who seeks to destroy evil and thwart those who engage in evil practices. Be on your guard, scoundrels!

LOLJKS, I can’t take myself that seriously. Really I just want to expose the STGRB trolls as the hypocrites they are. Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.

Oh, and I really love gifs.


32 Comments on “Who I Am”

  1. Anon says:

    Website link to an analysis of STGRB.

    • Thanks for the link – that’s a great analysis. I just posted a less detailed breakdown of their bullying definition.

      • Anon says:

        No probs. It seems I forgot to add some screenshots here and there (or actually elaborate on some reviewers because I was so fixated on finding actual screencaps), so I’ve been fixing it up and linked your blog to it too.

  2. Stop them! says:

    Thank you for making this site. They are just as bad as the people they are attacking. Yes we all know those reviewers post reviews that are about the authors and not the books. We aren’t stupid. We can see that those reviewers make things up and take things out of context. We see that they rain 1 stars on books they admit they haven’t read. I am not saying I support reviewers doing this…but two wrongs don’t make a right! STGRB needs to grow the f up! Good for goodreads for pretending they will clean up the site. We know they won’t. Yes those drama reviews are annoying as hell and inconsiderate to readers who want to read book reviews but as long as we can get a block feature in place then I’m happy. We don’t need crusaders or vigilantes.

    • Can you give me some examples of the targeted reviewers writing reviews that are solely about the author? Because I’ve never seen it, and STGRB are yet to provide an example. As you will see if you read my posts, the targeted reviewers are not actually bullies by any stretch of the imagination and are not guilty of the “crimes” they’ve been accused of.

      • OMG! You’re kidding, right? You haven’t seen reviews that talk about authors instead of focusing on their book? LMAO. Not even a blind man could miss that. It’s all over the place and STGRB HAS supplied evidence of it. Just take a look at my reviews or M.T. Dismuke’s. (Just for starters) LOL There is more proof that these reviewers are bullies. My God, they even started a group where they can go to organize their attacks for crying out loud. LOL And when they attacked it me, it had nothing to do about reviews, it was based on lies and my personal life. Again, LMAO @ no proof.

  3. Stop them! says:

    Although in all fairness most of what STGRB points out are REVIEWS that are about the author and many times there are no ratings. They do provide examples. It’s the eye-for-eye tactics I don’t agree with.

    • Again, if you read my posts, you’ll see that the examples they provide are NOT bullying. Thank you for providing examples in your previous comment, but I’m not going to publish it because I refuse to have links to that site on this page – and also because they tend to take things totally out of context.
      If you have a problem with the way someone reviews, all you have to do is unfriend and/or block them. Simple.

  4. Stop them! says:

    You know you can see reviews of someone who isn’t your friend when you look up a book right? Sadly blocking them doesn’t block their bogus ratings. All I’m saying is we don’t need people bullying the type of so called reviewers that were doing that, that we can we can see for ourselves that the reviewers are dishonest in their reviews and ratings.

    I haven’t seen STGRB take things out of context, I’ve only seen them be jerks. Do you care that the reviewers they are targeting take things out of context? All I’m saying is there is some BS from both sides going on and none of it is okay.

    Geesh freaking louise ordering a pizza. So your site isn’t against STGRB it’s just about defending these BS reviews?

    I’m not talking about bullying from those reviewers anyway I’m talking about their BS reviews that aren’t about the book. Call it bullying or call is just plain BS like I do, it still skews the system and makes them and the goodreads site unreliable. blocking the people who do this won’t change that but at least when I block them I don’t have to see their drama posts.

    Here is my post against minus linking to STGRB though just you having this site will drive traffic you know. I know that isn’t the real reason you don’t want to publish my post.

    That one is from the comments section, someone altering a review from 4 stars to 1 based on the author not the book

    1 star not based on reading

    above changed from 4.5 stars to 1 star based on author not the book

    Then if you look at the books on that list you can find more books that have 1 star ratings with reviews/shelves saying they didn’t read the book. This is easiest if you filter by 1 star reviews. Those books get a lot of 1 star ratings all at the same time, within days of each other, even if before that they were only getting 1 review every week or month or something and those ratings come from the same people and on top of that many of them admit they didn’t read the book!!!

    See, I could even do some of my own research! STGRB is pointless and mean for no reason!

    Like this
    Admits to not reading and rating it one star, all based on the author’s AGENT not even the author herself.


    A little research shows the ratings are bogus, in Goodreads guidelines but not what I call personal reviewing ethics. Any intelligent person can figure that out without attacking the reviewers. Just ignore their reviews and write them off as unreliable and illegitimate bloggers! Simple as that!

    When I see this going on, I can’t trust ANY of the reviews because they might be subjective or just made to look like real reviews when they aren’t. So if you ask me these reviewers do authors a favor by trivializing all the negative reviews and making readers doubt they are legit, even if they look like they might be. If they weren’t having these drama fests about the author I might believe those reviews.

    Then the whole badly behaving author thing. Don’t get me started! I follow the links and 9 times out of ten the authors are being taken out of context and attacked for no reason. But how is the solution to this to attack the reviewers? WE CAN SEE THEY ARE FRAUDS. Geesh freaking louise we aren’t blind as bats you know!

    Heck at this point even when I see “reviews” from those users I just assume they are lies. I don’t need some website to bash the people posting those reviews to know they are full of it!
    fact of the matter is that these ratings are going to happen. yes, it’s dishonest and skews how good a book looks, yes the reviewers who do this do that on purpose, but we don’t need STGRB to point it out. when we see it for ourselves we can see those reviewers for what they are without stooping to their level and being hypocrites!

    I’m so sick of STGRB and their self righteous attitude. They are just as bad as the people they are attacking.

    • You’re right, you can judge for yourself if the reviewer is being fair or not. STGRB have taken many things out of context, and I will be posting on that in more detail shortly.
      I am against STGRB AND defending the people they have targeted, because they have been put in danger and accused of things that are blatantly untrue. For proof of that, please see THIS ENTIRE SITE.
      The ratings fall within the Goodreads TOS, if you have a problem with it, take it up with Goodreads.
      That is the real reason I didn’t publish your first post. As you can see, I have now published it. I don’t care if people search out STGRB themselves after seeing this site, but I refuse to directly link to them. I am not blocking anything – this comment was put into moderation automatically, and because I have a life and don’t sit on this site 24/7, I have only just gotten around to approving it. Your threats are petty and the fact you ran straight to STGRB frankly doesn’t support your own argument that you’re against them. They may have published your comment if it works in their favour. They very selectively publish comments – I, and many others, have commented on that site repeatedly – in a completely rational, calm manner, and the comments have never appeared. Yes I have proof of this, and I will post it.
      Regarding your links –

      1. I can see where you’re coming from, but in this case it could be argued that her view of her book has changed because of the author, and that the rating represents how she currently feels about the book. Many things influence the way we feel about a book. She’s not rating the author, she’s rating the book – it just so happens that the author’s behaviour influenced those feelings.

      2. You are allowed to rate books on Goodreads based on how excited you are about it. A 1 star = not excited at all. This is within Goodreads TOS. It is not bullying, nor is it BS – she is being completely honest about why she rated it in such a way.

      3. Again, perhaps the author’s behaviour changed her feelings about the book. She is obviously making a statement with her ratings. If you have a problem with it, flag it and let Goodreads deal with it.

      As for the rest, again, Goodreads allows ratings on “excitement” level, so there’s nothing wrong with that really. If you find something wrong with it, as you say, you just don’t take that review/rating into consideration when you make up your own mind.

      You have yet to point to one example of the targeted reviewers reviewing the book only, which is what I asked for in the first place.

      You say this makes you distrust all reviewers, but the truth is, ALL reviews are subjective. They are coloured by a person’s own experience, which is why you can never judge something solely on reviews.

      As for the “drama fests”, I think you’ll find in every case it is the badly behaving author – and, lately, STGRB – that are causing those. As for the links you mention on “badly behaving authors”, that’s great that you follow them and make up your own mind. I don’t think anyone who posts those links wouldn’t want you to do just that. They’re not forcing anyway to draw the same conclusions as themselves – just providing the evidence as to why they’ve judged something in a certain way.

      You are right, we don’t need STGRB or anyone to tell us how to judge something. I and many others are sick of them, like yourself. But they are not “just as bad” as the people they are attacking. They are far, far worse. As you can see if you read any of the posts on this site.

  5. Stop them! says:

    OKAY, YOU ARE BLOCKING MY REVIEW. I’ll post it on STGRB instead.

  6. Stop them! says:

    We will see who approves my post. I am anti-STGRB and anti-fake reviews. Which one of you are more likely to post something from someone who doesn’t agree with you 100 percent.

    • I publish everything, except things that include links to that site. They, on the other hand, are known to heavily moderate their comments and not publish any that don’t agree with them – or give them a platform to “defend” themselves.

  7. Stop them! says:

    If anyone wants to see the posts in question they can go to STGRB because even though I expressed my hatred for them they still posted my comments. This site is too biased for me.

    • I still posted your comments, except the one with links, but I explained to you why I wouldn’t post it. If you hate STGRB I don’t understand why you would run to them. You can dislike this site all you like, but how is it biased? If you read my posts, you will see I have used FACTS and logic to examine each situation.

    • Cheryl M-M says:

      Don’t talk deluded rubbish. Would you like a list of the people whose comments they HAVEN’t posted on the Crybaby Douthit site?
      You just said your anti STGRB and yet have filled half their comment page with a rant about this site. Contradiction much.
      If you are interested only in the reviewing issue I suggest you go and read all the times they have said it isn’t about reviews.

  8. Stop them! says:

    and yeah, your hypocrisy IS showing, ST-STGRB.

  9. Renee.M says:

    That was her. I refuse to use her name or give her a nickname.For a scientist that deals with data, she obviously is not the smartest.

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