Stop the GR Bullies And Me: A Gif Story

When STGRB first appeared, I was outraged.

I was shocked that someone could be so nasty, vicious and vile. Over book reviews.

The personal attacks made me feel sick.

People suffered real life consequences.

Several left Goodreads and shut down their book blogs because it just wasn’t a fun place to be any more.

Meanwhile, STGRB continued to post half-lies and outright lies.

I got mad again.

I started this blog to try and balance STGRB’s lies with some truth.

STGRB wrote more lies.

They became focused on conspiracy theories.

It was actually kind of funny.

They got stupider. And stupider.

It had always been difficult to follow their faulty logic and long, rambling posts, which were poorly written and showcased on an atrociously-designed site. But somehow, they got worse. They made less and less sense.

And they were just plain boring.

Post after post was so boring I couldn’t even read through them, let alone critique them.

I realised that anyone not suffering from Speshul Snowflake Syndrome knows that STGRB are liars and hypocrites, driven by the revenge fantasy of one very petty, sick woman.

My care factor dropped to zero. I’m not even mad about STGRB any more. Their stupidity isn’t even amusing. It’s just boring.

So I probably won’t be updating this blog any more. I might, if I feel like I have something to say, but at the moment there’s not a lot.

Stay cool, book community.

Let’s go back to reading and talking about books and forgetting that Melissa Douthit and her cronies exist, ‘kay?


19 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies And Me: A Gif Story”

  1. This. Every word of this.

    Just so very sick of their drama, their shitty acolytes, and the way every BBA screams they are going to tell on us to Mummy Douthit, as if Douthit gives one flying fuck about anyone bar herself. They’re boring, they’re stupid, they’re small, and they just don’t matter.

    I honestly don’t care what they post about me any more. They’re amateurs in the nastiness stakes, and at this stage in my life, what are they going to do that hasn’t been done already?

    I feel bad for their future targets, but hopefully with so many people having written about them and condemned STGRB, those future targets will quickly realise how inconsequently Bitchqueen and her stupid trolls are.

    I really do have better things to do than track their stupid crap any more. The pleasure of never seeing another word Douthit writes will be immense.

  2. I admit that I am still a little in awe of just how truly stupid they can be. And their blog never fails to make me laugh, when I’m not facepalming at the sheer idiocy they display.

    BUT I think you have the right approach, in just ignoring them. Anyone who complains to them for “protection” is an idiot. Harsh words, yes, but I haven’t seen a single author aligning themselves to the site that is NOT lacking in the grey matter department. And feeding trolls and idiots is never the way to stop them. They will eventually give up when they realize how little those of us equipped with actual BRAIN CELLS care about their trollish little activities.

    Incidentally, my most recent blog post is about thanking the STGRB, if you’re interested. I thought it was fairly amusing, at least to those of us on the right side of the whole, silly issue.

    Also, you used Tom Hiddleston in your first gif. Which automatically means you’re my favorite person for at least the next five minutes of my life. ;o)

  3. connie333 says:

    Thanks for some very amusing posts (and a rather sad insight into quite how precious to the point of idiocy some writers can be). Found some rather good authors via the anti STGRB train though 🙂

  4. Ann Somervile bemoaning trolls…. this, the woman who tags her blogs ‘I hope you die in a terrible fire’ and spreads more lies and misinformation than anyone who posts on STGRB…. priceless.

    Deluded, bitter and talentless, that’s the Somervile we know and er… love.

  5. I know. I realized I hadn’t checked them in a couple weeks, a couple times over the past months. And I did check back, laughed, and went back to being productive.

  6. KarLynP says:

    My thought exactly, great article. They take a modicum of truth then stretch it a mile wide with fabrications.

    They were shocking and some-what entertaining at first, but the predictability of their stupidity and fabrications has killed my interest. Their paranoid conspiracy theory that us reviewers are organized and paid by the big publishers to attack authors’ which was hilarious at first, but it just doesn’t phase or entertain me anymore. (I’ve long believed they need meds, not a blog, if they really want help.)

    Plus their trolls Carroll Bryant and Dougie Brimson, who follow certain reviewers around the Internet just to attack them, only continues to make that group of butthurt authors look like the instigators of all their problems, and not the misunderstood victims they claim to be. (If you ever want to lose credibility, get those two on your side!)

    And, anyone in the know (like me) believes without a doubt that the STGRB is just a vendetta site created by butthurt author Melissa Douthit who got caught faking a lot of reviews on Goodreads. She was kicked off GR, along with several other dirty authors who support that site. Only a moron ignorant of the common facts would believe what they post to be true.

    The names outed on the original list of GR Bullies were guilty of being vocal against Douthit and her dirty games. The ever growing current list are mostly reviewers who have also spoken out against authors who cheat and game the system. IMO, that list reads as a ‘who to trust’ list.

    I was named a GR Bad Reviewer for the crime of calling them a ‘bozo’. I don’t write scathing reviews, but that just goes to show how they make shit up and try to look like sad victims. I did, however, speak out against Douthit’s vile attacks on reviewers when she exposed some very personal and private details in an attempt to hurt these reviewers. That is the real reason i made their list. She put real lives at risk, something that many of us found we couldn’t keep silent about.

    Ironically, being on their list has been a positive experience for me. Largely, I think people see that list as people they can trust to write honest reviews. Since being named a few months ago, my GR friend requests have tripled (many I declined as they don’t read the genre I do), and my ‘Best Reviewer’ status has gone from ~65 all-time in the US, to 40!

    From my point of view, the only thing that site has accomplished is keeping Melissa Douthit and her crimes against the industry public news. Not bad, IMO.

    • You make some great points. And yes I view the “sidebar of shame” as a list of people who are fair, honest and intelligent.

      • Thingy says:

        I see the hateful bitch has started publishing people’s real names again. She really is a vile individual.

        And I too view the ‘sidebar of shame’ as a yardstick for knowing who to trust and who’s blog and books I will probably enjoy.

        • Thingy says:

          Arrrgh! ‘whose’ not ‘who’s’. My sincere apologies to the punctuation police.

        • KarLynP says:

          So not surprised. Of course they’ve resorted to more sensationalists tactics, as their visitors have been declining. I guess it doesn’t matter that many of their own supporters were turned off by this method and had asked them to stop. They just keep showing their true colors of what they are really about, and who they are really supporting. (Douthit!)

          The top offender list is quite a work of highly twisted fiction. They don’t even attempt to be objectionable. They deliberately make it sound as if Lucy was added to the list for notifying them she too had personal info on Douthit, but that all went down long after they did a full exposé on her that resulted in phone threats. Anyone who follows their lunacy can do the math, and will know the timeline of events are highly distorted to make them look like sad victims.

          Looks like their sidebar list keeps growing, just as I predicted. In only a few months they’ve identified that a boatload of readers hate authors who game the system. Congratulations to them for identifying what is obvious to so many. In truth, that list could be miles and miles long, especially if they’d venture outside of romance genre.

  7. Here is an example of the Badly Behaving Reviewers posting lies: (Since you say STGRB does it, here is proof that YOU people do it!) This can be found on “Belle’s” comments of her review on my book “Year of The Cat”.

    Zoe says: “Feel sorry for the girl, that’s pretty horrific especially in one of his quotes saying he wants to rape her. I would be scared shitless of this guy if I was her.”

    (Meaning that she feels sorry for Jude Henderson, saying that I said I wanted to rape her)

    Here is the quote she is referring to: ” And my ambitions were to rape her of the last ounce of pointlessness possessing her. I was sure there had to be some.”

    As you can see, this quote has nothing to do with actually physically raping a girl. Plus, it is a quote from a FICTIONAL character in a FICTIONAL story, yet Zoe claims that I said it about Jude.

    This is the kind of BS you bullies throw out there.

    These are the lies you people throw out there without any proof or evidence. Zoe doesn’t supply a link to the quote, clearly intending to spread lies about me. That or she is just too stupid to realize that the quote came from a fictional character in a fictional story. (Or both)

  8. Nan says:

    I see STGRB have become moral crusaders protecting children from the big bad interwebz! Seriously, these people are loonies. Thanks for the summary on the whole schmozzle and for giving me a laugh!

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