Stop the GR Bullies and Carroll Bryant

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Mostly because I haven’t got much to say. Sure, STGRB are still posting their ridiculous conspiracy theories,  but that’s the thing – they’re so ridiculous it’s not even worth commenting on them. They’re really running with this whole “Bix 6” conspiracy that the reviewers they accuse of bullying are somehow in cahoots with publishers and Amazon. It’s just laughable. They’re also increasingly obsessed with the Amazon forums. All in all, they’re totally boring. Their posts are incoherant, repetitive and just plain dull. I couldn’t even be bothered to read through the recent ones, let alone post about them. That, combined with the fact that they’re pretty much harmless now (everyone with a smidgen of sense knows STGRB is a vindictive personal vendetta without much truth or logic) means I haven’t been updating this blog.

Apparently Carroll Bryant – y’know, the middle aged guy who illegally used a model’s photo and pretended it was himself, who cosied up to teenage bloggers and has an unhealthy obsession with one in particular, who caused a shitstorm on Goodreads a few months back, and who peppers his speech liberally with “LOL” – has taken it upon himself to pull me out of my boredom by trolling this site. Not just trolling this site, but trying to get others involved, too. He’s over at STGRB begging people to come over here and comment. Seems he can’t handle it on his own.

Now, looking at STGRB’s own definition of what makes a bully – is Carroll harassing? Check. Insulting? Check. Teaming up on? Well, trying to. Verbally attacking? Check. Sending friends after? Triple check. Too bad for him that his little friends didn’t take his bait. But it’s another example of the type of people STGRB and their associates are. That’d be bullies – by their own definition – and hypocrites, for those who need it spelled out (hi, Carroll!).

Oh, and Carroll, I’m done with you. You can “LOL” till your dick falls off, but I won’t be responding to you. You’re not even worth the miniscule amount of energy it takes to type. I’m bored again.

As for STGRB… the whole “Ann Somerville (‘Looney Tunes’ – nice) is Minerva” thing is getting old (like so many of their claims). Because I’m not, as I’ve said repeatedly. Their “proof” was that Ann knew the IP address of one of my trolls. You’d think they’d realise that people can talk about that stuff in private, considering their obsession with the Badly Behaving Authors group on Goodreads. They’re desperate to get their eyeballs in there. I guess today is their lucky day, because here’s a snapshot. Unfortunately for them, all it reveals is how wrong they are.


65 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies and Carroll Bryant”

  1. Lyn says:

    I guess they didn’t get the memo that states that no one CARES. Every decent person on the internet is done and over it. I’m breaking my silence about the Godsforsaken website to say that I am indifferent to their website of hate and malice. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate your post, Minerva. Kudos for you.
    The only people who care about their fits are the deranged souls who run it. It must be a slow news day if one of their poor souls comes wandering over here, stirring up problems after two months of silence on a particular post.
    Move on. Get over it.

      • Middle-aged? LOL Okay. Life expectency is 70 so I guess anything between 33 and 40 could be considered middle-aged.

        The girl in question knew who I was and what I look like. (She wasn’t complaining) And the unhealthy obsession you speak of is like when SHE befriends my friends and SNEAKS onto my shared blogs with my friends after I block her from being able to email me? That kind of unhealthy obsession?

        YOU linked to “The Rex Files?” – That guy wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass. 90 percent of what he writes about is WRONG! LOL SMH (Pretty much like you and the rest of your bully gang)

        Your damn right I am attacking the bullies who attacked me. I fight back. Always will. Deal with it. RME

        The only way my dick would fall off is if I showed it a picture of you. LOL

        ” Oh, and Carroll, I’m done with you.” – Said the girl who just wrote a post about me so she can get famous off my name. (Like Rex) LMAO. Well here is a news flash, I am not done with you or your bully friends. You are forever stuck with me on the internet. Like it or not. That is your punishment for attacking …. and bullying me. Best get used to it now.

        As for “Lyn” – It’s never over. You and your bully friends started it, I aim to ensure nobody ever forgets how you bullied me and why. Never. And if “nobody cares” – then why do I continue to get 2000 plus views a day on my blog?

        All those “checks” you gave me – double check that for you and your friends.

        You bullies hate it when your victims fight back, don’t you? Welcome to the revolution bitches. Watch as STGRB and I lead the way.

        I’ll leave you now to your 10 page views per day. LOLing until my dick falls off. 🙂

        • Janet says:

          Oh, honey. You aren’t getting 20 hits a day, let alone 2000. I see what your page rank is, there are sites that can pull up your stats (never found those, I see). Your site is ranked well over 2,000,000. Mine is in the low 200,000 and I get 3,000 hits a day.

          Pull the other one, then go back to trying to be relevant. Aren’t you supposed to be interviewing Vasey? LOL They don’t even know who you are other than some faceless person who emailed them – wanna know how I know? Hmm, wouldn’t you like to. Could be that someone put a bug in their ear about who you really are?

          • You haven’t seen my page views? As of right now, over 252,000 in just 10 and 1/2 months. Most of that coming the past five months. I got nearly 62,000 views last month alone. LOL

            As for Vasey, I guess you didn’t see the video I posted. But while we’re on the subject, is this how you continue to try and bully by follwoing me and trying to sabatoge me? Pathetic. LOL Good luck with that. Haha And by the way, they “contacted” me first. Not that it si any of your business. (But I’m sure you’ll try and make it your business. That’s what bullies do.)

            Who I really am? One thing is for certain, you don’t know who i really am. But I know you. 🙂

            • Janet says:

              Actually, they didn’t “contact” you first. I asked. But nice try. It’s not my business at all, I just find it amusing to watch you lie, lie, lie. At your age, don’t you have anything better to do? I mean, is this all there is for you? Not everyone wants children, but at nearly 50, most people are or at least have been in a committed relationship for a long time. You may have 30 or 40 years left, but think of how many you’ve wasted fantasizing about Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunis when you could be interacting with real women in the real world.

              You can fool some people into thinking you just bought a nice house and car and are making a living off of your music and writing but c’mon. You prevaricate so much, it’s pathetic. Your own sister doesn’t want anything to do with you. Compulsive liars often have trouble maintaining relationships.

              I don’t “follow” you anywhere. You spill over into space where I go and I respond to you like you respond to me. Is this your blog? Do you belong here? Shall I cry, “Bryan is bullying me!” every time I see your name? I feel so threatened by you, I may have to sue you! Class action lawsuit! How is that working for you, by the way?

              I don’t need to know who you really are. I already know what you really are.

              • No, actually they did contact me first on Youtube. They sent me a message. Would you like a screen shot of it? (And score!) LOL

                You actually take my “Hollywood Crush” list seriously? LMAO. Yeah, I guess you would. I have had my share of serious relationships, don;t you worry about that. (I get mine) Haha And we are back to 50? LOL Okay. If you say so. Haha. You crack me up. And yeah, I think it would work to your advantage if you knew who I was. Then at least you would know of the stupid things you just said. LOL

                I didn’t fool anyone into thinking I bought a house. I never said I bought it. Just said I would like to move there. I didn’t get it. The price was too steep. Plus, after thinking more about it, it was too big for just me. But nice try on attempting to get everyone to think I said I bought it. Nice diversion. Obviously, you do not read very well, do you? Just saying. I also never said I make a living on my music and or writing. I have said that I don’t need to make any money off of it because I already quit working. Meaning … I already have my money. Again, you can’t read very well.

                Prevaricate? OMG! You used a big person word. I only tell people what they need to know. many people do that when dealing with their personal lives. Not everybody needs to know some things. And you’re bringing my sister into this? Which one? Or do you even know how many I have? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter, all of my sisters want a relationship with me but yeah, one of them I have shunned. (Not the other way around)

                Who is Bryan? First of all, you mis-spelled the name and secondly, I have legally changed it like, 8 months ago. Then again, if you knew me, or anything about me, you would have known that now wouldn’t you? LOL

                Oh please, by all means, sue me! That would be a good laugh. And don;t you worry about me and any future law suits, things are working just fine. That option is still available for me and will be for a while. Everything in life is all about timing. There is still plenty of that left.

                And as I know what you really are. (Just another bully who knows nothing about her target.) LOL

                Are we having fun yet? (I know I am) LOL

                • Janet says:

                  Zzzzz. For a writer, your spelling, grammar and punctuation is horrendous. Begone, twat. You keep repeating yourself.

                  • I’ll take that as a victory. LOL And “twat”? LOL That’s the best you got? As for my writing, I think I do pretty good considering that on this computer and keyboard, all my keys are blank. I tried a newer one but just didn’t like it so I went back to the oldie but goodie. Besides, I’m just commenting online, no need to show off my skills, right? LOL

                    Poor “Janet” – her feeble attempt of “know-it-all” has been foiled yet again. She doesn’t know a thing. Reality bites, doesn’t it? LOL Well, yours does anyway, I’m sure. Enjoy getting up and going to work tomorrow. I think I will sleep in. Maybe I’ll invite my 24 year old GF over to watch the late football game and sleep in with me. You know, since I don’t have to work and all. LOL Good night “Janet”.

                    • Anonthor says:

                      You know what the dumbest part of this dumb shit is? I’m an author, and I just got a two star review on a book that had a lot of 4-5 reviews. IT INCREASED SALES YOU JACKASS. Especially now when everyone can get their friends and family to review something, a bad review gives the buyer both sides of the story.

                      No matter how bad the review is, they can speculate that it would be infinitely bad, as opposed to however bad it was for that reader. Having full critiques of your work helps you sell more (assuming you don’t attack the critiquers with a stick.)

              • He admits on his own blog that he was the one hounding them for an interview.

                “I hope I can convince them to let me do an in-depth interview with them some day here on my blog.”

                “Good news on the Vasey interview front: Karl Vasey has informed me that he (and the rest of the band) are interested in doing an interview. I’m really excited about this because I think in a few years, we’re going to be watching these guys on MTV. ”

                Then he talks about how he’s going to try and get Rick Springfield to do an interview with him for his blog. LOL.

                • Janet says:

                  He’s a complete idiot. It’s like he doesn’t even know how the Internet works. You know, that people can look at things that were posted on past dates. Ooooooh. It must be magickals!

                  Rick Springfield. That does make me LOL. He’s still on Blogspot copying Wiki articles about flags. I’m sure Rick’s chomping at the bit to get through all of his other engagements so he can finally do an exclusive with Carroll.

        • K. says:

          2,000 pageviews a day? Riiiiiiggghhhhttt.

          Between the ages of 33-40? Riiiiigggghhhhht. More like 50.

          Get famous off of your name? Hahahahaha. No one but your STGRB group of minions knows who the hell you are. More people know who WE are.

          I hope your dick falls off. PLEASE, god make it fall off. Carry on now.

          • Nobody knows who I am? LMAO. Okay, if you say so. Let’s see … I am mentioned on 5 Wikipedia pages and 83 websites and blogs including 17 who have reposted various posts of mine and linked my blog on theirs. (Including ESPN) Over 252,000 page views from every country that has internet access. (And that’s just in ten and a half months)

            But you could be right about something, a lot of people do know who YOU are. And they laugh at you. They know you are a bunch of bullies. LOL And speaking of minions, that’s about the only people who come here. Just you and your bully friends. Haha. But yeah, i am sure they all who “K” is. LOL

            • Janet says:

              Lord, you’re an idiot. All I have to do is comment somewhere, anywhere and leave my blog link and it will show up on Alexa or any other web search as a link to my blog. If I go comment on an MSN article right this minute and leave my link someplace, I’ll be linked to MSN. Your stupidity is profound.

              Every country that has internet access. Holy shit, your ability to lie with a straight face (or fingers?) is nearly impossible to believe.

              • When I said “Not every country has internet access” I meant, not to the world wide web. for instance, China has internet, but every website outside of China is blocked, thus, no internet access to “the world”. Perhaps I should have explained that – I guess I gave you too much credit for having any commonsense. Hate will do that to a person. Make them stupid, I mean. Internet access is also scarce in Africa. Look into it. (Just to name a couple)

                My stupidity may be profound, but your stupidity is just plain and simple. LOL Everything about me is profound! Haha

                Yeah, I don’t go slapping my link everywhere. i don’t have to. Everybody already knows me. You should see how many people find me simply by googling my name. (It shows up on my blog)

                You want some screen shots of it? Of all the countries that visit my blog? I could do that for a couple of weeks and blow what’s left of your mind. LOL Just say the word. In fact, i might do that for fun and post it on my blog. Look for it in December and we will revisit this conversation. LOL Proving yet again that the only one who is lying around here is you and your bully friends.

                He scores again! Haha

                Oh, if i have to, I can lie with a straight face. That’s because I am an ACTOR! LOL (Well, if I wanted to be. I choose not though.) Haha

                Goodnight Ju …. I mean, “Janet”. LOL

                • Just to show how “Janet” lies, here is what Vasey said to me in an email just moments ago.

                  “We’ve been in the studio all day, literally just got back. 10 hours of recording the final two songs and they are sounding awesome!!! I haven’t heard anything negative about you mate, and if I had it wouldn’t worry me or deter us from doing the interview. You get a lot of people that love nothing more than to push a succesful person to the floor, that’s some peoples way of dealing with their own short comings, don’t worry about it mate. The interview will get done!”

                  So there you go. (or do you need a screen shot of it as proof? If so, i’ll post it on my blog so you can see for yourself.)

                  He shoots again and …. and …. HE SCORES!!!! LMAO.

                • Anon says:

                  Carroll Bryant Nov 11: “When I said “Not every country has internet access” I meant, not to the world wide web. for instance, China has internet, but every website outside of China is blocked, thus, no internet access to “the world”. Perhaps I should have explained that – I guess I gave you too much credit for having any commonsense. Hate will do that to a person. Make them stupid, I mean. Internet access is also scarce in Africa. Look into it. (Just to name a couple)”

                  Are you as racist as you sound?

                  While the Chinese government maintain government control over the routing of international traffic, they *do not* block every external web site. Occasionally, they may wholesale block access due to political turmoil, or they may selectively block addresses, or prevent certain individuals access. And there is censorship (both voluntary by ISPs and government ordered) to some external websites. (I am not defending the Human Rights travesties or government control of information). But wholesale blocking of all international web sites? No.

                  This is not unusual. Some middle eastern countries do the same for political reasons. Some third world countries have government controlled routing for economic reasons. It can even be done because it is *difficult* to run and maintain the lines (due to distance, population size, geographic and environmental difficulties).

                  Your implication that China, and the Chinese people, are so behind the times and isolated that they have “no internet access to “the world”” is, well, stupid and ill-informed. But I suppose “Hate will do that to a person.”.

              • It’s actually pretty hilarious. It must be killing him to know everyone sees through his shit.

  2. Oh, Carroll? Here’s a list of all the countries that have visited my blog. And not everyone even knows me. So I guess that puts me way ahead of you.

    Oh, and about what Vasey said? Let us know when the recordings come out. You know what they say about pudding.

    And btw, why don’t you actually appear in your YouTube videos? Singing, so everyone can see you? Is there a problem with what you look like that you don’t want people to see, all those people who all know you?

    Another btw. What’s with all the inappropriate Lol’s? Do you know how silly they make you sound?

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Côte d’Ivoire
    Czech Republic
    El Salvador
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    Puerto Rico
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa
    South Korea
    Sri Lanka
    Trinidad and Tobago
    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom

    • Yep, looks exactly like my list too. LOL

      Oh Anna, I will let you know when Vasey releases their CD, but you must understand that I have no control of that. You can see their video though on Youtube and listen to more of their songs on their “MY Space” page if you want to keep up with them. I will announce it on my blog. And I will let you know when the interview is posted too. Can you feel the excitement?

      First of all, I don’t take a camera to the studio. I guess it just never comes to mind. And I didn’t actually make those videos that appear on Youtube, my friend recorded them and gave them to me to post. So you would have to take that question up with him.

      I don’t have a problem with people seeing what I look like. Actually, all my close friends from Goodreads and such DO know what I look like. I have posted pics of myself on my blog and other websites. (My friends know which ones they are) So no, I don’t have a problem with people seeing me. However, some of YOUR bully friends left death threats on my blog so yeah, I am somewhat mysterious about posting too many pics. But really, what is it with you people (the bullies) that you need to know what I look like and how old I am? Those are the only two things I ever was vague about. They are unimportant things that you people make such a big deal about. I mean really, what’s this unhealthy obsession you people have with my age and my looks?

      I just don’t get it. LOL

      Now you have a problem with my LOL’s? LOL Maybe because I am always laughing. What can I say? I’m just a happy guy. Life’s been good to me so far. You all should be so lucky to be as happy as I am. Ha-ha

      I’ll check your page views and when you started your blog and see how popular you are. Since it appears to be of some importance to you.

      • OMG! You got like 7,497 page views! And all those countries visited your blog? Gee, I wonder how many countries visited mine then what with over 253,000 views? I bet a lot. LOL You take care Anna. Really like your posts though. Your blog has such a nice peaceful karma to it. Shame you’re in cahoots with the bullies. That’s why they call it ‘smoke and mirrors’ though, right?

        • >>China has internet, but every website outside of China is blocked, thus, no internet access to “the world”. . . Internet access is also scarce in Africa. Look into it. <>Gee, I wonder how many countries visited mine then what with over 253,000 views?<<

          Oddly enough, Alexa doesn't know who you are. Even with all those views. No stats for your blog. Well, Alexa ratings aren't perfect, though they do have stats for my blog.

          Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I'm a nice, peaceful person. And not in cahoots with any bullies. Of course you seem to have your own, personal definition of "bullies." That probably explains it.

          And I am going to do a post about mirrors some day, though probably not smoke. Can't stand the sound of the smoke detector going off.

          • I really don’t care about “Alexa” rankings. They mean nothing. Iknow my page views and hwo many people are checking out my books. That’s all I need to know. And I have so many mor eviews than you it isn’t even funny.

            As for you not being a bully, STGRB just posted a new article showing another bully attack on Amazon and your stink is all over it. LOL Nuff said.

            • >>I really don’t care about “Alexa” rankings.<>And I have so many mor eviews than you it isn’t even funny.<>As for you not being a bully, STGRB just posted a new article showing another bully attack on Amazon and your stink is all over it. LOL Nuff said.<<

              Oh, good. I hope they mentioned my blog. Every time they do my numbers go up. And they stay up. It's great getting free advertising from them. I'd thank them, but for some reason they don't like me.

              What was that reason? Oh, yeah. Because I tell the truth. Very afraid of the truth, they are.

      • >>So no, I don’t have a problem with people seeing me.<>I’ll check your page views and when you started your blog and see how popular you are. Since it appears to be of some importance to you.<<

        You brought popularity into the discussion by mentioning how many, many page views you get and that everyone in the world knows who you are.

        • He’s too stupid to realise all of his hits are from people wanting to see what the train wreck will crash into next.

          • I bet you know all about “trains” don;t you? LOL (think about that one) By the way, it’s “realize” not realise. (Since we’re on the subject of stupid) LOL

            • Anon says:

              Pssst You know the comment before about “ill-informed” and “racist”? Assuming everyone you meet on the Internet falls into American norms for spelling… also “ill-informed” and “racist”. As you said, “(Since we’re on the subject of stupid) LOL”.

            • Slightly different topic but let’s talk about ignorance. Since you seem to be ignorant – or too stupid to realize, really – that realise is a chiefly British variation of realize. Just like they tend to use grey to the Americanized gray, or colour which is not accepted in America as a ‘proper’ spelling of color.

              Try again, please.

              • Yep. Not being American and all, I don’t use Americanised spelling. And that makes me stupid. Uh-huh.

                • Y’know, I was actually like, ‘huh, realise.’ Instead of showing my own ignorance, I took it upon myself to look it up in a dictionary. My Americanized google showed me realize instead, but it only took a couple tries to hit upon one that showed me that it was a simple matter of locations differing. (I figured you weren’t American as soon as I saw that note.) Point of the story? Do a small amount of research and you won’t look foolish in public. I tell far too many authors this, but really? If they don’t bother doing their research when they speak to others, what is there to make me think they have the patience to do it for a whole novel? Very discouraging, and in no way does it make me want to read their books. (Not that Carroll had this problem with me anyway. It could be the most well-researched, elegantly written book ever, and I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot-pole. Given his childish attitude, however, I’m thinking more vanity-press quality.)

                  Agreed, by the way. Perfect comment is perfect. Ignorant comment in response? Still ignorant.

                • Maybe it does. Or maybe … you were just born stupid. It’s a toss up. Haha

                  • Anon says:

                    That’s your come back? Really?

                    You, an alleged author, fail to understand words are… OMG… spelt differently in different countries, and your response is “you were just born stupid”?

                    This is what you call baiting? Showing your own ignorance and amusing feeling of superiority? And following it up with schoolyard taunts?

                    Finally I understand why those strange people at stgrb let your posts through. You aren’t any competition, are you? They don’t need to worry you may see past their tissue thin curtain. They don’t need to worry you may just write a book that succeeds. That you may recognise their hypocrisy, notice the circular arguments, question their astounding jumps of “logic”. Gosh, maybe even remember the “accusations” from one week to the next, and how they contradict each other. They really don’t need to worry about you, do they?

                    • Zing! I applaud your awesomeness.

                    • Competition for what? You lost me there. What would the people of STGRB and I be in competition for? Book sales? Are you assuming that the people in charge of STGRB are authors? If so, why would they be competition? I am not in any kind of competition with any author. Maybe other authors see it differently but then again, some people are just plain nuts. (Like you) That’s the problem with the world today, everything always has to be viewed as a competition. I don’t compete. I just do my thing and never worry about what somebody else is doing.

                      They don’t need to worry about me writing a book that succeeds? What they hell does that mean? What exactly is success? How many books does one need to sell to succeed? The mere fact that I have now FOUR books on the market is in itself success. The fact that I have sold as many as I have is just icing on the cake. I didn’t publish the books to get rich or famous, I am already doing fine where money is concerned. I write books and songs for the joy of it. Because it’s something that is inside fo me which is why they call it art. But you wouldn’t know anything about this because everything you do has to do with money and some kind of odd comeptition. You bullies are the only ones who seem to have some kind of unhealthy fascination with trying to be better than everyone else. It appears more like you dweebs have this thing about thinking you’re better than everyone else. Not me.

                      Maybe that’s why you and your bully friends attacked me in the first place, because I became a threat to you. I have done my research and every author who attacked me along side of you had less “fans” on Goodreads than I did. They still do to this day. Sounds like I was more successful than all of you put together which is why you attacked me.

                      Then you guys go on about how much more popular you are than me with your 7,500 page views on your blogs and crap while I am now at 258,000 plus views on mine. I mean, you people live in your fantasy world 100 percent. It doesn’t matter how many times somebody shows you evidence or proof of anything because you people, with all the hate in your hearts, refuse to acknowledge it. You people are just following and supporting each other. That’s it. Outsiders don’t pay you any attention at all. I am not part of any “group” – I am lone wolfing it and I still get bigger numbers than you bullies. LOL

                      Keep living in your fantasy world …. God have mercy on you if reality ever revealed itself to any of you. The truth is a scary place so keep covering up your eyes. LMAO You people are bullies … and that’s all you’re ever gonna be. EVER! How’s that for reality?

                    • Janet says:

                      I’m going to answer Carroll’s little “competition” post down here since the reply boxes are looking thin. Here’s the beginning of his reply, just so everyone can follow along with which piece of delusion I’m answering:

                      Competition for what? You lost me there. What would the people of STGRB and I be in competition for? Book sales? Are you assuming that the people in charge of STGRB are authors?

                      It’s a good thing you aren’t in competition for any book sales. Amazon says you don’t have any anytime recently. And yes, the people in charge of STGRB are authors. Don’t play any dumber than you are, I may have to take back my assumption of you walking upright.

                      You are the one who keeps gloating about your success, not anyone else. You are the one who keeps wagging the flag (see what I did there), announcing that you’re in competition with other people and announcing that you’re better than others. It’s your laughable “biography” that claims some affiliating to “art” that you don’t possess.

                      You don’t have a clue who the people are who are talking to you or you’d shut up about your page views and your popularity. Your page views, page rankings and sales numbers aren’t as hard to find as you may think. You also don’t know how many authors you’ve come in contact with or what their popularity is. Just because you run with authors of Douthit’s ilk, don’t assume all authors have her (and your) basement level of popularity.

                      How would you know outsiders don’t pay us any attention? Unlike you, “we” are not a single organism. “We” have lives outside of this pitiful fishbowl, lives that include careers, family and hobbies. “We” are a wonderfully diverse group of people with different talents, interests, points of view and histories. “We” don’t even have the same opinion about you particularly, although I think anyone that’s come in contact with you generally knows you’re an idiot.

                      in other words, “we” don’t spend all of our time thinking about you, in a fantasy world, trying to come up with ways to destroy you, worrying about your next move, caring what you’re up to or how long you’re going to be around and we certainly don’t think that you’re some big fish.

                      In other words, this week I feel like playing whack-a-mole at Chuck-E-Cheese and you’re it. Next week, I’ll move on to something else because you’ll have bored me by then no matter how you try to spin it.

                      And jesus, get yourself a copy of the Chicago Style Manual, a thesaurus and a dictionary. Even the samples of your books are damn near illegible.

        • Numbers don’t lie. LOL

          • But people handing out numbers can lie. So, um, no flaw in your logic there. At all. Especially since you aren’t known for lying. At all.

            Nope. We’ll just ignore the hole large enough to drive a couple trucks through.

            • Things Carroll Bryant has lied about:

              -His age
              -His name
              -His looks
              -His talent (LOL)
              -The fact that he’s being harrassed, not doing the harrassing
              -The bloggers who “stole” from him (when most hadn’t even heard of him)

              I could go on, frankly it’s probably easier to list the things he hasn’t lied about… funny, I can’t think of any.

              • What’s really funny is that if he were truthful, his comment might hold some water. His own history is what makes that hole so apparent! I raise your LOL with a ‘LULZ’.

              • I never lied about my name dillweed. LOL Geesh.

                Oh, now I am doing the harrassment. You bullies already harrassed me. Now it;s my turn to return the favor.

                I don’t see you with any talent so …. you know … we’re even on that one then. LOL

                Yes! Thank you. The bloggers who stole from me. Funny though, I was going to show proof of it but your leader, Patrick Brown, deleted it all. How ironic? O_o

                You can’t think of any because you don’t know me. We never talked before. Thus, i never lied to (you). You just decided to involve yourself with the rest of your bully friends because … well …. because that’s what bullies do. LOL

                BTW – I didn’t really lie about my looks. I am blond hair with blue eyes and … not bad looking either. LOL

                I’m still trying to figure out why age and looks are so important to you people anyway. Those are like, such small things to be so hung up on. If those are the only lies you can name then I guess that makes me better than you people because let’s list all of you and your friends lies, shall we?

                1) Fake ratings of books you never read.

                2) Fake reviews of books you never read

                3) Telling people anything about me because YOu do not know me.

                4) Soliciting authors for free copies of their book(s) in exchange for interviews and reviews and never following through with it.

                5) Claiming you’re not the bullies when the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

                6) Hiding behind the “Anon” label at certain times and places when commenting on other blogs and websites that “out” you because you know “you’re” wrong.

                7) Trolling under different names then saying you don’t. (The evidence proves otherwise)

                I could go on …. but you people have pretty much bored the crap out of me. LOL I’ll return when your stupidity grows even more and I have nothing better to do.

                I lied about my age, that’s about it. And look at all the noise you are making about it. LOL And nobody gives a rats ass about a persons age except for you morons. I still haven’t told anyone my real age. Only because I find it humorous that you all are trying to fish for it. LOL Here’s a hint though, it;s closer to 35 than it is to 50. (Since those are the lowest and highest estimates I have seen thus far.)


            • He who is in charge of the numbers holds great power.

          • >>Numbers don’t lie. LOL<<

            Numbers don't LOL, either. *Shudder!*

            This may come as a surprise to you, but just typing numbers does not equate to "Numbers don't lie." The numbers actually have to be factual.

            And numbers can sometimes not be truthful numbers. For instance, I clicked on my blog a number of times before I figured out how to fix it so that whenever I clicked on my blog it wouldn't count in the total number of page views. So in my case, the numbers are off by about a half dozen or so. Not lying, but not totally truthful.

            Still, my numbers weren't LOLing, so I can be grateful for small favors.

            • My clicks don’t count on my blog either. I shut it off in my third week. And my numbers are factual. Just go to my blog and see for yourself. Even if my numbers did count on my views, I only go to the thing maybe 6 times a day or less. No way I can go there 256,000 in just a little over ten months. I didn’t go there at all for a week in the summer when i went to califronia and came back to see over 12,000 views added. Just saying. So really, Alexa is the real liar because Ju … I mean, “Janet” already said how to manipulate the numbers. She leaves her own link on comment posts on other blogs and sites to “up” her rankings. But of course, if nobody clicks on it, what’s the point? I don’t need to advertise myself, people already know who I am. And the bottom line is … I am still selling books. So the rest is moot.

  3. I have to apologize to Carroll Bryant. Apparently Alexa does know who he is. I was using the wrong website address.

    His rankingis 2,121,866.

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