Stop the GR Bullies on Ann Somerville

As usual, Stop the GR Bullies add two and two and come up with 167. I’ve mentioned before that they claimed I was Ann Somerville based on no proof. Now they think they have proof, because Ann happened to know that a troll on her site was the same person who trolled this site.

This is almost as good as the time they claimed Anna Karenina from the Amazon forums was multiple other bloggers because she wrote about colours, and they had colours in their names. FYI, STGRB: Normal people do this thing, it’s called communicating. It means that more than one person can know something. Like, an IP address of someone who has trolled multiple sites.

Of course, STGRB will probably take this post as confirmation I AM Ann Somerville, coz they’re dense like that. Any one who has ever seen Ann’s blog would have to wonder why she would bother to create a pseudonym to post under, since she pulls no punches on her own blog. The truth? She wouldn’t. She hasn’t. More truth: Ann is so much smarter than them, it took her approximately 10 minutes to figure out who I actually am. In fact, most people against STGRB actually know who I am, which makes their gleeful, childish crowing even more hilarious.

What’s not hilarious is the disgusting way they talk about Ann. They commonly refer to her as “Looney Tune” and their latest post features a vile “poem” attacking Ann called “Ode to a Loon”. This is not only immature, ableist and downright nasty – it’s bullying, even by their own definition. Humiliating, insulting, gossiping, name-calling, teaming up on, verbally attacking, spreading false rumours and attempting to destroy reputations with lies? Check, check, check, check, check, check, check and triple check. You could also add in harassing and sending friends after if you believe, as I do, that “Linda”/”Stop Them”, the owner of the troll IP in question, is associated with STGRB.

Well done, STGRB. You’re really fighting the good fight.


6 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies on Ann Somerville”

  1. Lyn says:

    Every time I see their post, I wonder how much longer until they become a danger to themselves. And why does everything posted by someone else always start with something along the lines of: “I am a well known such-and-such”. It is always someone who is “well known” or an expert or a famous person.
    I want to point out to them how their own site has turned into a mockery of what they state they stand for. All the anti-bullying sites asked them to remove their banners. Most of the authors they listed at the time of the site launched asked them to remove their name. These people (or one person) repeatedly target the same people. They plant their own people on GR to start lists (which blew up in their face), and now, they are posting entries that encourage and outright bully others. And I can’t forget that they are now targeting authors and calling for their own banning.

    • They’ve always done what they claim to be against, in bullying others. But now they’re not just bullying reviewers, they’re bullying authors too, I’m guessing because they’re so shocked that they don’t support them.

  2. If you and I are the same person, why did it take four comments since mid-August by ‘Linda’ for me to realise she was the same person who’d been trolling your site? It was only when she said ” If you want I can find out who runs that site pretty easy so we aren’t possibly accusing the wrong person. My boyfriend’s job allows me access to private data!” that I thought “something’s very wrong with this chick”. And even then it didn’t occur to me that anyone else had encountered her. If you hadn’t asked me if she was from Ft Lauderdale, I’d still be none the wiser.

    But then Douthit’s reasoning skills are up there with her poetry, so why are we surprised her leaps of logic tend to miss the other side every time?

  3. KarLynP says:

    I really doubt many who read their blog these days believes much of what is posted. They’ve become a place to watch bad behavior live. So if you’re bored, you might get a good laugh at their sleuth skill ignorance. I do think they suckered a lot of people in the first few days, but when it became clear what their platform was — and was NOT — there wasn’t anything left to take seriously.

    I know who all of you are, but if they want to spend HOURS and HOURS of their own time obsessing on this, let ’em. They contradict their own words in every single post, which I think is why people find them entertaining.

    I am getting a huge laugh at their supporters as well. Their main supporters are trolls and banished GR authors, and those guys think that is something to be proud of???!!

    Just take a look at the company they keep over there, and that should tell you quite a bit!

    supporter #1: Doug Brimson. That crazy author Dougie Brimson trolls all over the web attacking Ann and blaming her for everything wrong in Romancelandia, He is like Chicken Little crying ‘the sky is falling!’ He is so obsessed with her, seriously OBSESSED. He has even posted some hateful, nasty comments on her own blog too. (I am glad she allowed it, shows what really motivates those people.) Personally, I wouldn’t be proud to say he is in my corner, he’s an embarrassment to authors.

    Supporter #2: A-Hole. Yep, they are PROUD to have a troll named A-HOLE in their corner. Really??? Anyone who sees his GR profile knows instantly the person behind that profile is gaming the system for his/her own personal twisted entertainment. And they want people to take them SERIOUSLY?!! LOL, not a good plan to say ‘We love a GR troll named A-HOLE, now support our cause to clean up GR!” I would think that would be obvious, but I guess not.

    Supporter #3: Carroll Bryant. OMG, who didn’t watch his embarrassing meltdown on GR? That was horrific to watch. So many good people posted to his blog TRYING to get him to see reason, and who really had his best interest in mind, but he ignored post after post and instead went bat-shit crazy on the teen book bloggers who ‘failed to read and review his book that he provided them for free’. OMG, the guy is on a planet all of his own. Fortunately, most authors can see through this and understand that giving away a free book doesn’t guarantee one damn thing.

    Supporter #4: Melissa Douthit. This is the currently reigning Queen BBA. She took the crown away from the four-year reigning bitch DAM, by ‘outing’ a reviewer’s personal information in a tirade rant on her blog. She even listed the reviewer’s husbands real-name, and links to his twitter and work information!!! And she never understood why people were outraged! She honestly believed she was doing something good. She is one scary woman, IMO. I never thought an author could go more bat-shit crazy than DAM, but Douthit proved me wrong. She is the master-mind behind that site, and from all of the proof I have seen I am convinced she is ‘Athena Parker’.

    Great post, as always 🙂

    • Thanks, KarLynP. Great analysis, you make a fantastic point – the people behind that site and their supporters have no respect in the community. No wonder they’re throwing such an epic, drawn-out tantrum.

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