Stop the GR Bullies on Who They Are

Stop the GR Bullies has repeatedly claimed none of the people behind the site – Athena Parker, Peter Pan, Stitch and Johnny Be Good – are authors. According to their “Who We Are” page, they’re readers, bloggers and Goodreads members. The thing is, aside from the fact that it makes no sense a group of readers would care that much about how someone else rates or reviews (just don’t be friends with them and/or block them, like the other 9,999,000-odd Goodreads users who’ve probably never even heard of the very people who’ve supposedly “taken over” the site), there is compelling evidence that at least one of these personas, Athena Parker, is an author. That she is, in fact, Melissa Douthit, a self-published author who has a history of harassing the very reviewers who have been targeted by Stop the GR Bullies – and who also has a history of “outing” personal details of Goodreads members as “revenge”. Melissa Douthit was one of the first people to be suspected of creating Stop the GR Bullies, because of this history. It wasn’t long before a Google search or two provided some pretty damning evidence against her. It’s been an open secret for months that many believe Melissa Douthit is Athena Parker.

When Stop the GR Bullies ran an absurd post on sockpuppets recently, author Ann Somerville decided it was time Melissa Douthit stop being allowed to hide behind her own suspected alias, Athena (Note: Melissa Douthit also has a long history of using sockpuppets – when she was kicked off Goodreads, her multiple sockpuppets were also removed). Ann posted just some of the evidence that ties Melissa Douthit to Athena on her blog. Interestingly, Ann’s site was then suddenly removed from Stop the GR Bullies’ “Blogs to Avoid” list in their sidebar. Could it be they don’t want to draw attention to her site because her revelation exposes their lies?

Read Ann’s blog, including the comments, for some of the convincing evidence that Melissa Douthit is Athena Parker. If it’s true (and the evidence suggests it is), it’s just another thing Stop the GR Bullies have lied about.

Make up your own mind – I’ve made up mine. Based on the evidence, I believe Melissa Douthit is Athena Parker.

Update: Within hours of this post being published, STGRB mysteriously got an anon comment about the removal of Ann Somerville from their “Blogs to Avoid” list. It was a “mistake” apparently (and Peter Pan doesn’t pay attention to what happens on her own site? Ha!). Ann’s blog has now been re-added to the list. STGRB have once again attempted to retcon their own blog. I just think it’s interesting that Ann’s name disappeared from that list when she posted about Melissa Douthit, and it reappeared when the suggestion was made that this could be used as evidence that Ann was right.


6 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies on Who They Are”

  1. Omigod, Minerva, are you stalking me? 🙂

    I notice a total lack of surprise from everyone about my ‘revelation’, along with a total lack of response from Douthit’s posse (both pretty damning.)

    You should also note there has been a sudden uptick of anonymous peeps posting unfounded and completely erroneous allegations about me and my publishing career. I know I’m about as popular as the plague in some quarters, but I think I detect a sleath campaign to discredit me particularly at this point.

    Since Douhit and Co are obviously watching and reading, let me tell you this much – it’s a waste of time. You can’t possibly make me more disliked than I am, but people still know my message is true. All that you will do by keeping this up is to give me an excellent reason to demand those *real* domain rego details from GoDaddy, and if you do that, your arse is grass.

    Better for you to take that site down and skulk away now, girl.

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  3. Douthit also has a history of creating sockpuppet accounts on various writing sites with the sole intention of trolling. You;ll have to scroll down for her admissions –

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