Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part Two

Kat Kennedy is one of Stop the GR Bullies’ favourite targets. As with Part One on Kat, I’m going to stick to STGRB’s initial post on her for this analysis, otherwise we’d be here all day. But I will be posting on their subsequent attacks soon.

Of course, the post as it appears today on STGRB is not how it was originally published. Gossamer Obessessions has proof they edited out Kat’s personal info, as they did with The Holy Terror, but this time that’s not all they removed [Clarification: Kat has pointed out that STGRB never actually had her real information in the first place, so there wasn’t much to edit in this respect – they edited more heavily in regards to the below comments]. They also took out the lovely content that stated that Kat is an “unemployed housewife who stays at home, drinks, and sometimes takes care of her children, that is when she is not drinking, tweeting, or waging her holy war against authors.”

Dear STGRB: Just because you delete something, it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Remember, the internet is forever. Not that it matters all that much, because what they’ve left up is still pretty damn nasty, claiming that she personally attacks authors, and then noting that they are “eagerly awaiting” the release of Kat’s book, presumably so they can “revenge review” (something they claim to be against).

Quick, what time is it?

Party time!

Awkward. I don’t know how that got there. No, Troy, it’s not party time – it’s checklist time! Are STGRB…

1. Harassing? Not directly. But the original post, which detailed Kat’s alleged real name and location, plus the fact they’ve stalked her Twitter and posted comments out of context, certainly suggests harassment has taken place.

2. Humiliating? Their intention is obviously to humiliate her – why else would they make statements about her professional life, alcohol consumption or parenting abilities?

3. Insulting? Yes. They’re not only falsely accusing Kat of bullying, they’re also implying she’s a terrorist (note the use of the word “jihad”), on top of explicitly stating she does nothing but stay at home, drink, attack authors and barely takes care of her children. I’m insulted, and they’re not even talking about me.

4. Gossiping? Yes, they’re engaging in gossip.

5. Name calling? Not specifically.

6. Teaming up on? Yes. Stitch is their “information gatherer”, Athena wrote this post, and Johnny Be Good and some of the site’s “minions” get nasty in the comments (see below). They even state “all of us here at STGRB” – openly declaring their team work.

7. Verbally attacking? Yes – see comments for “insulting”.

8. Sending friends after? Yes – Stitch would have been “sent after” Kat to get those screengrabs, plus the way they report the “good news” about Kat publishing a book implies their followers should attack that book – a message that was received loud and clear, judging by the comments posted below.

9. Writing a bully review?  No, it’s not a review.

10. Spreading false rumours? Yes. They have NO EVIDENCE that Kat is unemployed and does nothing but stay at home, drink, “wage holy war” against authors, Tweet and neglect her children. And no, her obviously joking tweets that are taken out of context are not evidence.

11. Attempting to destroy reputations with lies? Yes! Again, everything they’ve leveled against Kat has no foundation in the truth, and they clearly want to destroy her reputation and future writing career, as evidenced by the threatening tone of their last paragraph in particular.

12. Trashing an author’s book just to get revenge? Well, not yet, but the implication that they plan on doing this in the future is definitely there.

Well, look at that, STGRB are once again guilty of the bullying behaviour they accuse others of. The comments are even worse, with “Anons” making fun of Kat’s age and appearance. You stay classy, Stop the GR Bullies.

Note: This is not directed at anyone in particular. At all. Ahem.


15 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part Two”

  1. So they don’t have a problem labelling her a drunk or a bad mother based on a joke comment, and they think it’s fine to hate on her because she’s old and ulgy (I wish I was that ugly!). And she’s the hater?

    These are the same people taking her to task in their most recent post for not understanding the nuances of feminism sufficiently to be able to tell that Rhianna is caught in a classic abuser-victim dynamic with Chris Brown, and for not deferring to the opinion of a starry eyed teenager who thinks that it’s terrific Rhianna is back with the man who beat her to a pulp.

    Yeah, I’m really going to be looking to STGRB for advice on feminism and proper child rearing based on that.

    They even admit this shit is irrelevant to their main charge of bullying of poor authors:
    “Now, you are probably wondering why we are posting about this when it has nothing to do with books or book reviews. The reason is simple: because this is the way the DEFCON 1 bullies rule – through fear and intimidation.”

    It’s nothing to do with GR any more. This is just posting crap about someone because you think you have crap to post on them. It’s the blog equivalent of your ex-boyfriend posting naked pictures of you on twitter just because he’s got them.

    Call me kooky, but it seems to me the intimidation of having a group of egotistical thugs pick over every comment and every aspect of your private life and your family, and analysing every tweet and review and blog post to show in the worst (out of context) aspect, is somewhat greater than having to live on the wrong side of the world from a woman who you don’t like very much.

    One wonders why these flowers are so hypersensitive to such an egregious insult to their existence. If only their talent was as large as their ability to throw tantrums.

    • The problem (well, one of them) with the current post is that they’ve taken everything so out of context it’s not clear exactly what happened. I’ll be posting on it soon, though. You’re right, ironically, in a post titled “Kat Shows Her True Colours”, they’re showing theirs. It reminds me of the Burn Book from Mean Girls.

  2. RH says:

    Hmm I want to be a writer? *looks around* That’s news to me!

  3. Kat Kennedy says:

    Thank you very much for posting these I truly do appreciate it. Whilst I don’t go to the site or read their posts or comments since the first one, it’s still annoying to deal with. It is pleasant to see a logical response to the posts.

    • That’s probably the best thing, but I can understand it would still be so frustrating! That site is casting a shadow over many people’s online experience – especially with Goodreads – so it’s nice to be able to shine some light on the truth.

  4. Kat Kennedy says:

    I’m not sure if my first comment went through since the page reset. So I’m posting this as a test.

  5. Renee.M says:

    She is so jealous of kat. If anyone wants to find the “she” behind stgrb on their own, here is an easy way. stopthegrbullies is registered under “Athena Parker”. The email address “Athena Parker” was using was I am sure she has removed it by now but there always sceenshots. Simply make two small adjustments to the email address, instead of “siren”, you’ll use “la” and instead of “yahoo”, you’ll use “aol”. In other words, instead of, type in google and you have the identity of athena parker, owner of

  6. […] Clue 1: Renee M posted (follow the link for the real email addies): stopthegrbullies is registered under “Athena Parker”. The email address “Athena Parker” was … […]

  7. […] now we return to your regularly scheduled hypocrisy. As I’ve mentioned before, Stop the GR Bullies have it bad for Kat Kennedy. So much so that in their latest post on her, they […]

  8. san says:

    More power to you for standing up to Stgrb. Just one small thing, linking the use of the word ‘jihad’ with implied terrorism could offend someone who’s Muslim. I know it’s the terrorists’ actions that have perpetrated this association, but still it is being used out of context. Perhaps stgrb purposefully used it so that people would make this association just so they could again accuse people of stereotyping.

    Sorry if I’m being particular, just that I live in a country with a majority of Muslim population (I’m not one myself) so I do understand how some Muslims would be bothered by it.

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