Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part One

I wasn’t going to post on what STGRB have done to Kat Kennedy (yes, she is the victim) yet, but seeing as they have such a massive hard on for her and keep dragging her through their shit, I moved it up the priority list. They’re so obsessed with her that I’m going to have to separate their attacks (yes, attacks) into multiple posts or it will be TL;DR. First, let’s take a look at her supposed crimes, as outlined in their initial post on her, and weigh up whether she’s guilty of being a bully (click here for a refresher on what a bully is… and isn’t): STGRB claim she’s the “biggest offender” thanks to the “Scandalous Scandals” part of her “Buzz Worthy News” posts on Cuddlebuggery, which they allege sets Kat’s “minions” on a “witch hunt”.

They name the “attack” on M.R. Mathias. Firstly, what he was commenting on was NOT a review, but a list. Even though our friends at STGRB don’t seem to be overly concerned with facts, I am, so I just wanted to clear that up. Whether or not his initial comments were harmless, I can’t say, because they’ve been deleted. But all of his comments that haven’t been deleted are most definitely hostile in tone, while at least two call people names:

But that’s not the only lie STGRB are telling about the situation. Note how Kat’s comments on the list (see below) are all made on June 5th. STGRB claims that after this, Kat posted about Mathias in a Buzz Worthy News post. But in fact the only two times (one, two) Mathias is mentioned on Cuddlebuggery are in posts created BEFORE June 5th, and have no connection to this drama. They do, however, establish what a douchebag Mathias is. But that’s besides the point right now – the point being, STGRB are liars. As for Kat, well, this is the sum total of her “attack” on Mathias:

None of these comments are using strength or influence to intimidate or harm someone who is weaker, nor are they harrassing, name-calling, gossiping, sending friends after, writing a bully review, spreading false rumours, attempting to destroy a reputation with lies, or trashing an author’s book to get revenge. They could possibly be interpreted as insulting or verbally attacking (though that implies a viciousness that isn’t present here), but even if that was the case, they are confined to one incident (note: the posts on Cuddlebuggery are not insulting – merely stating facts) and as we’ve already discussed, this does not amount to bullying. I have a feeling STGRB would also count this as “teaming up on”, but this was not an orchestrated attack on a victim – it was Mathias who repeatedly came into the reviewer’s space (i.e. her list) and used hostility against her and her friends, who merely pointed out how ridiculous he was being and told him to go away. So Kat was not bullying Mathias. Of course, that’s not all she’s accused of. Next up, we have the “attack” on Rebecca Hamilton – according to STGRB, Rebecca was attacked on the Absolute Write Water Cooler, Kat wrote about it in Buzz Worthy News, Rebecca “tried to explain her position”, and Kat and her “minions” responded with an attack.

Now, at the time all this went down, Hamilton had 40,000 followers on Twitter, a number that has since increased to 67,000. Kat Kennedy, on the other hand, currently has just over 500 Twitter followers, while Cuddlebuggery has close to 1200. Based on those statistics, who in this situation has more strength and influence? Certainly not Kat, meaning she can’t actually use either to harm or intimidate Hamilton. Meaning she is NOT A BULLY. As for the 12 page long comment thread they mention, if you actually go and read it, you’ll see that Kat and her “minions” did not, in fact, attack with “insults and jabs” or twist Hamilton’s words around. Indeed, Kat responded with calm logic, which admittedly is such a foreign concept to the peeps at STGRB, I can understand why it might confuse them.

So to sum up: Based on the evidence provided by STGRB in their first post on Kat Kennedy, she is not the bully they claim her to be.

Come back tomorrow for proof that STGRB are guilty of bullying Kat.


6 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies on Kat Kennedy, Part One”

  1. What gets me is that Mathias is like a badly behaving author’s badly behaving author – the ne plus ultra of nasty, entitledom. And M and her cronies/socks have leapt into many conversations between friends to disrupt them, laying about them with vileness and viciousness.

    These are the people the STGRB are choosing to categorise as victims? They suck. But then, we know they suck.

    Tells you all you need to know. Kat’s replies were much milder than I’d have made in the same circumstances.

    • It’s interesting that they think Kat is one of the worst offenders when any sane person reading her comments can see she stays level-headed, calm and respectful. To be honest I think they can’t stand her because of Buzz Worthy News – it means their tantrums and shitty behaviour can’t just be swept under the rug.

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  4. Kat Kennedy says:

    I really am grateful for these posts.

    Just one point of correction for factuality:

    STRGB never had my personal details. Not really. They never got my real name, real location, my job or anything like that – so their editing on my page wasn’t very heavy in connection to that.



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