Stop the GR Bullies on The Holy Terror

Yesterday we discussed the Stop the GR Bullies definition of bullying compared with the rest of the world’s definition. I thought it would be interesting to test whether any of the examples they claim are bullying match up with either their definition, or the real definition – starting with their first target, The Holy Terror. Her worst offense, according to STGRB, is “attacking” James Austen by having a discussion on Goodreads about him.

Using the actual definition of a bully, “a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”, then there is no way THT could be one, based on the evidence provided. But since reality is not something our friends at STGRB seem to really care about, let’s see how their evidence matches up against their own definition of bullying. Checklist time! Is what THT wrote…

1. Harassing? Hell no. She was commenting on another Goodreads user’s status update, with a total of three posts. Not harassment by any stretch of word.

2. Humiliating? Not really. The author in question may feel humiliated over the whole situation being discussed, but that would be no fault of THT’s. Obviously she has no intentions of humiliating him, and as we’ve learned, in the STGRB universe, intentions are everything.

3. Insulting? I guess saying his Twitter is “insane” or that some of his blogs are “sad and disturbing” could be construed as insults (although they just read as opinions more than insults to me). Still, even if you do take these words as insulting, they’re confined to one occasion and so they’re still not classed as bullying.

4. Gossiping? Maybe. But that’s not bullying.

5. Name calling? No. Not once does THT call the author in question a name.

6. Teaming up on? No. There’s more than one person involved, sure, but it’s a discussion thread on a status update. From the evidence provided, they haven’t taken it elsewhere to “team up on” anyone.

7. Verbally attacking? See comments for “insulting”.

8. Sending friends after? No.

9. Writing a bully review? This isn’t a review, so no.

10. Spreading false rumours? No rumours here, just comments about actual posts.

11. Attempting to destroy reputations with lies? No, no lies.

12. Trashing an author’s book just to get revenge? No, she doesn’t even mention his book(s).

So, ladies and gentlemen, even by STGRB’s own definition of bullying, THT is not a bully. The only other example they give of her “lovely personality” is in the screencap below (which they linked to rather than posted because it offended their delicate sensibilities). In it, she’s discussing the content of books, not authors, so it’s totally irrelevant to their own argument.

Of course, that’s not all they have to say about THT. But the rest is about her as a person, not her reviews, which is ironic considering their biggest gripe is reviewers supposedly discussing authors and not their work. Check out Gossamer Obsession for proof that STGRB edited this post after being criticised for revealing personal information (they then claimed to have never posted it – apparently they don’t realise the internet is forever). Aside from being incredibly creepy, THIS is bullying. Remember, bullying is to “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.” Now, the influence of STGRB is arguable, but they are trying to use superior strength (as they’re a group targeting an individual – and notably they also originally attempted to make themselves look even stronger by posting anti-bullying logos, though that backfired when the anti-bullying organisations demanded they take them down). And the whole point of their site is to intimidate the so-called “bullies” into leaving Goodreads – so yes, by definition, it’s bullying. Let’s see how they meet their own standards, shall we?

Is this post by STGRB…

1. Harassing? Is this “aggressive pressure or intimidation”? Not directly, perhaps – but certainly indirectly. Especially the part where they post her personal information, including where she can be found and when.

2. Humiliating? Judging from the way they talk about THT, they definitely seem to want to humiliate her. Intentions are everything, remember!

3. Insulting? Is calling someone a stalker with no professional life insulting? I’d say yes.

4. Gossiping? Yes. Which is not technically bullying, except STGRB believe it is.

5. Name calling? Not specifically.

6. Teaming up on? Hell yes. They’ve formed a team to create and maintain the site, use teamwork to get information and write up posts, and then gather around to comment on each post and pat each other on the back. This is true for the site in general, and can be seen on this post in particular.

7. Verbally attacking? See comments for “insulting”.

8. Sending friends after? Not directly in this post, but according to their “Who We Are” page and other comments on the site, Stitch is the person who “gathers information” on all their targets. So in a sense yes, the people behind STGRB are sending a friend after their victims.

9. Writing a bully review? This isn’t a review, so no.

10. Spreading false rumours?  Yes. The comments about her professional status, home life and sexual activities are all rumours. Note: despite what Peter Pan and friends claim, THT doesn’t reveal anything about “her personal sexual tendencies” in the comment posted. Just the logistics of human anatomy.

11. Attempting to destroy reputations with lies? Yes. The allegations of THT being a stalker with no professional life have no foundation in truth. STGRB doesn’t provide any evidence to back up their assertions. They also say she has revealed her sexual preferences, when she clearly hasn’t.

12. Trashing an author’s book just to get revenge? No, THT is not an author.

So STGRB are exhibiting more than one of the behaviours they describe as bullying in this post alone. And they say they’re fighting bullying.


24 Comments on “Stop the GR Bullies on The Holy Terror”

  1. Nic says:

    Those comments about her “personal sexual tendencies” are beyond creepy.

  2. What is particularly ironic about the attack of THT over her remarks on James Austen is that Austen himself is a proven repeat-offender bully – who targets women for his ableist, misogynistic abuse. This has been documented by Foz Meadows and me:

    Since the people at STGRB clearly don’t cavill at sexist insults themselves, obviously they wouldn’t have a problem with Austen’s behaviour. That they have a problem with a women supporting other women who’ve been attacked by him, tells you volumes about their mindset.

    • Thanks for the links. You make a great point. And look at the other authors they’ve defended – a racist and a 48-year-old man who lied about his age and appearance to befriend teenage girls, one of whom he harassed for months. Yep, it says a lot about the type of people they are.

  3. lucyndavis says:

    I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Sometimes I get so angry I can’t articulate just how ridiculous the logic fails are on Melissa Douthit’s site, STGRB, are.

  4. RH says:

    I ❤ you. This site is awesome.

  5. Lyn says:

    I am very pleased that your replies are level headed and honest. Thank you for offering a lighthouse in the sea of ignorance.

  6. MJ says:

    Love the site. I feel like this site really hammers the point that the STGRB are really a bunch of hypocritical idiots-and if you are reading this STGRB screen cap me I don’t give a shit. I like the fact that this site takes a look at those posts and dissects them in a logical format. Kudos, you deserve a cyber sundae.

  7. […] called ‘Stop the STGRB Bullies’. Every post is a sucker punch to those idiots, and the latest one is no exception. More power to her arm. This entry was posted in Authors showing arse, General book stuff. […]

  8. Cheryl M-M says:

    Peter Pans comment about other men mayhap taking note of THTs sexual preferences is tantemount to putting an ad on Craigslist to invite sexual deviants to hurt The Holy Terror.
    That is disgusting, especially when coming from another female.
    That’s right my flying friend…I know you are a female.
    Such irony that *Peter Pan* is worried her identity will be exposed to the awful GR bullies.
    It is such a shame that the so called GR bullies have much better morals and standards than the STGRB, because as opposed to that vindictive little site, these reviewers choose NOT to post the real info they have on the STGRB.
    Now Me, Myself and I …think you deserve a slice of your own pie.

    • It definitely seems threatening and it’s incredibly disturbing. Yes it’s funny, they don’t realise how much everyone knows and is choosing not to reveal.

      • R.Morche says:

        I say let her have her site, she needs the outlet for her irrational thinking. I think that is why we haven’t exposed her (yet) and showed everyone how easy it was to identify her and how stupid she really is. If she was exposed, and without her cast of characters, who knows what she is capable of, real life stalking?

        • You have a good point but unfortunately it is already affecting people in real life – like Lucy, for example.

          • R.Morche says:

            Very true. Plus add in all the people who will never feel truly safe online because of what she did. It’s sad because two can play at her game, exposing her place of work, her family, and all their addresses and locations. However, I won’t do it. It would make us as sick as she is.

            • You’re right. And people are leaving Goodreads and deleting their blogs. It’s turning a happy, fun community into an anxious place for many, which makes me mad. But it’s great that she cries bully all the time but the “bullies” aren’t stooping to her level.

  9. […] Gossamer Obessessions has proof they edited out Kat’s personal info, as they did with The Holy Terror, but this time that’s not all they removed. They also took out this lovely […]

  10. This post, out of all the STGRB posts, made me the most angry because I know and love Shannon as one of my GR friends and I can tell you 100% that she has a job. The fact that they portrayed her as some bored housewife (nothing wrong with being a housewife) twiddling her thumbs and having no life bothered me to no end.

  11. […] posts, so I feel uncomfortable posting them up here without more information, especially because they don’t actually appear to be bullying anyone. They appear really horrid out of context, but it just looks like your basic trolling and […]

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